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New Highlights of the 19th China Hi-tech Fair: Farina Wireless Charging Pile System.

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From November 16 to 21, 2017, the 19th China international hi-tech fair would be held at No.2 Hall of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Guangdong Farina Science&technology Co., LTD. Has participated in the exhibition with independent R&D and production of wireless charging pile system, which has gained the attention of all sectors of society with its advantages of intelligence, environmental protection and market demand.


△At the entrance of the 19th China International Hi-tech Fair.

As we all know,China international hi-tech fair is known as the "China science and technology first exhibition", which is the largest and most influential technology exhibition in China.This session would take "focusing on innovation and improving the quality of supply" as its theme.
Electric moped system divided into two parts which are wireless charging pile and electric moped bike. Electric moped system was designed in order to alleviating the social pressure of people take a taxi expensively,heavy traffic, riding bikes tired , oil consumption.It effectively solve the problem about current inconvenient charging ,contact the leakage and high operating costs in the sharing electric bicycle industry, at the same time,it not only considered the energy conservation and environmental protection, but also increased the commercial vitality factor.And Guangdong Farina Science&Technology as a high-tech supplier, has got technical innovation in the software and hardware of the wireless charging pile system.


The Farina's wireless charging pile was displaying at the Fair.

Electric moped rental system will be safety hazard because it need to be installed in the outdoor environment and the working environment of the wind and sun can make the connection of wired charging easy to rust and leakage.As a new charging technology, wireless charging technology has some advantages in charging pile construction, actual use, and post-maintenance, etc., compared with plug-in or contact charging technology.It suitable for large-scale cluster construction,because of paying more attention to sealing and safety, high space utilization, and it adopts the model of unmanned management on the use of management, simplify the procedure of charging, and the Internet fit more closely, and greatly improving the ease of use and management.


△The wireless charging pile of Farina was charging.

Farina wireless charging pile adopted the non-contact charging system technique and  wireless transmission way which can charge without using wires, users only need to park your e-bike in the charging pile, it will be disconnected when the charging is completed.


△The 19th China International Hi-tech Fair's entrance ticket.

To make the future of people travel more convenient and quick,to build urban ecological wisdom,Guangdong Farina Science&Technology Co,Ltd., will use the advantages of science and technology research and development, produce more products and services for city life.

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