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Umbrella sharing software with a new function, which can navigate and order meals!

Release Date:2018-01-27 16:07:20 View Count:

With the calm development of sharing economy, the umbrella sharing of feature is gradually brought back to market.It’s interesting to find a sharing umbrella software that appears navigate and order meals on its app when the weather is always rainy in Guangdong Province.The platform can show the site that can be used in selected stores of umbrella, and specific address and telephone number of stores and business hours if open the umbrella Farina sharing software by a small program of wechat.


Store details on the pollen platform.

Not only does this remind us that, is it possible that our life style will be rearranged in the future if the application platform is really promoted.

According to the founder of pollen umbrella sharing , Jantao Fang said, it needs to develop more convenient public life function if shared the umbrella want to be closer to the life because it is limited by the use of the umbrella scene.Users not only can realize the navigation to the sharing umbrella in the shop, booking order, also can combine to express business, achieve wider resources integration on the pollen umbrella application platform in the future.

Is it serious?If the truth as Fang jiantao said, does it not compete with the platform of the logistics and ordering meals?

We have to mention that the sharing umbrellas has been called off by many people in 2017 when speaking of the limitations of the useful scene.Many people questioned whether it was no necessary for umbrellas to have sharing features only when umbrellas are used in rainy days.We're not going to talk much about the need for it, and we're going to focus on the fact that this shared product has been got the growth in the past one year.

1.First, a changing of the umbrella’s quality

It really improved the use frequency from the original common umbrella to the all-weather umbrella today . it did improve a lot in terms of the quality of the umbrellas that were put into use.The two layers of umbrellas used in summer can also protect against ultraviolet rays.According to industry insiders, the cost of the production of such a bare umbrella has reached 20 yuan/pcs.

2. Diversified delivery methods

Umbrella sharing without pile hanging in the road was taken by city management , and collect umbrellas to set up umbrella sites, until now mostly sharing platform with the method of pile borrowed equipment, management of dropping out of the umbrella is more and more specifications, found the way to use constraint user civilization, and gradually get rid of the influence of shared cycling model.

3. Diversified functions.

Sharing product is gradually getting maturity in technology since the farina sharing umbrella appears some functions such as transfer function, navigation function and order a meal.On the one hand, it is more and more consideration of the convenience of users, on the other hand, it also shows that the association with merchants is more profitable for the development of these functions, As we all know, it determines whether the company can operate normally that the profit of the sharing product is probably the most important part of the management of the shared platform company.

It also shows that the science and technology of Internet has made a big progress as sharing umbrella gradually expands market layout, in order to seek a more widely  market prospect and broader business combination,more and more platforms are not willing to launch the characteristics of a single product. It is really worth promoting to cooperate with many businesses and achieve multi-party development in the premise of providing convenience for the people's life.

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